In times of trouble when the Coronavirus rules Europe and the rest of the world, and when we spend hours and days in isolation due to infection, regardless of fear and uncertainty, we think about a better future that comes with sunny weather and the sound of the sea waves. Many of us are scared and not ready to travel, but many are willing because they want to spend the summer period, vacation time at sea, assured that their health will not be endangered. One of the few countries in Europe that were almost completely free of the Corona is Croatia, and especially its province of Istria, where there has been no virus for months. Extremely practical and decisive measures taken in Istria, as well as the discipline of the population, have contributed to the fact that people who visit Istria will be completely sure that they are in a safe place and that they don’t have to worry much about their health. Of course, that was before the Omicron version of the virus, but now, when we think that the end of the pandemic is near, we expect the best season ever! Tourist workers in Istria have already prepared everything for the summer season, and we are expecting our guests soon, who can easily come to us by their cars from the surrounding countries. Tourists from Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and other near and far European countries can count on full security and the best service in Pula, Istria, Croatia! Visit us, because we are here for you and your safety! ISTRIA THE CORONAVIRUS FREE ZONE!


Although Europe and the world still can’t relax, now that the virus has mutated, we hope that with the new version, Omicron, the end of the pandemic is near. The number of those infected is large, but, thanks to the rapid spread of the virus, it has become clear that a large number of people will become infected and thus gain herd immunity. Therefore, very soon, Istria and the whole of Croatia will be free of viruses and ready for the mass arrival of guests from all European countries, but also those further. We know and feel that this 2022 season will be what no previous one has been – completely crazy! People are already so frustrated that they no longer want to wait. They want a good time at all costs! Istria will enable them to do that, very soon. We are sure that the situation will develop favorably in the spring and that the number of infected will be zero so that our guests will be completely free in Istria without the covid-19! We have prepared unforgettable boat trips in pula, comfortable accommodation, yacht rental, and much more, and there will be surprises as always! Get ready for an unforgettable season ahead! Leave it to us, we will do everything to make your vacation in Istria unforgettable and unique. Summer 2022 is approaching, and before you know it, you will be our guests and you will never regret it! Look with joy at the days to come, because they will be completely different compared to the previous two years! Holidays in Istria will be more exciting than ever! We are waiting for you!


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