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Take a day or evening boat excursion around Brijuni Islands and enjoy the unique experience of swimming in the crystal clear water of St. Jerolim island, or observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, while enjoying fantastic sunset – BOAT TOURS PULA

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Great Way to Get New Experience – Boat Tours Pula



The boat excursions in Pula, are one of the most interesting happenings in the summer time. You’ll have a unique experience by taking our boat tour around the Brijuni Islands, watching beautiful sunset and dolphins play! We’ll take you to the St. Jerolim island for swimming in the crystal clear water, during the day – boat tours Pula!

Whether you want to organize an excellent summer party or celebrate a birthday at sea, our stylish, luxuriously equipped boat is the ideal solution for you. We also organize team building on board, strengthening the spirit and communion of your employees.

Affordable rates and professional and cheerful staff are a guarantee of good entertainment. Send us a reservation and book your place on our boat. We will make your vacation in Istria special and introduce you to the coast and the local population from a new perspective. Get the best boat excursions in Pula.


DURATION: 4.5 hours

You can’t say you’ve fully enjoyed the treasures of Istra if you haven’t visited the Brijuni Islands. Book your seat on our Fish Picnic and come with us to a 4.5-hour long boat trip that includes a trip around Brijuni, excellent food and drinks and a 2-hour-stop at Jerolim island where you can go for a swim.


Brijuni islands

Total area: 736 hectares 274 km of road, pathways and trails 150 species of birds 680 species of indigenous and exotics plants Lots of sun and warm weather Sea temperature – 22 to 25 °C



Ticket – 50€  

Ticket for children younger than 3 – FREE


And now that you know how exciting boat trips are before you experience unforgettable moments with us, it would be good to find out some details that will help you to find us easily, arrive on time, get on board, sit, get a cold drink and listen to our guide interesting stories. As you can see, we are on the Riva, right next to the ACI Marina Pula. If you come by car, it would be best to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier and park your car near the Colosseum, where you have parking for 15 KN per hour, or a little further, where the price is much lower – 4 KN per hour. If there is a change in parking prices, we will change the information on the site. Our beautiful boat is 18 meters long and has a capacity of 55 people, so there will always be enough space and you will ALWAYS feel comfortable at the table, with cold drinks and delicious food. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL OUR GUESTS, IS THE FACT THAT THEY CAN BRING THEIR PETS WITH THEM, AND THERE WILL BE ENOUGH SPACE FOR EVERYONE!  We organize two excursions during the day. The first starts at 12:00 and lasts 4.5 hours, and we circle around Brijuni Islands and stop at the island of St. JeroLIM for two hours of swimming on a beautiful beach in crystal clear water. You can always take your snorkeling equipment with you if you wish. Every adult visitor of the island of St. Jerolim must pay 30 kn to enter it, because the island is a part of the National Park Brijuni. The price for children is 15 kn. We return to the port at around 4:30 pm. The second trip starts at 6 pm, or 30 minutes before or after, depending on the sunsets. That is why we call this trip “Sunset with Dolphins,” because you will see the sunset for sure, and during the trip, we almost always see dolphins, which is an attraction for all our guests. During your stay on board, you will have unlimited quantities of wine, juices, mineral water, and one of three MEALS: fish, burger, or vegetarian food. So, you will enjoy the boat trips with food, drinks, and cheerful music, and the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere often turns into a real party which makes our guests so happy, that they usually stay with us long after the boat comes into the port. Watch our videos below and enjoy!

Our Unforgettable Boat Excursions


Come and join us on a magnificent boat trip around Brijuni Islands, with our friendly crew, excellent guide and much more. We are waiting for you in Croatia, Istria,Pula.

Boat tours Pula


Boat excursions in Pula, Istria, Croatia are one the most popular events during the summertime. Look how our happy guests make their day on our boat, enjoying every second of it!

Try not to miss parties like this, because you never know what can happen on a boat tour in Pula, which is always full of surprises. Join us, on a boat tour around the Brijuni Islands during the day or evening.

Of course, every boat tour is especially interesting for parents, regardless of whether it is day or evening. The reason for that are the children. We all sometimes want someone else to feel good: friends, relatives, colleagues, many people, and most of all, our children. That is why a boat trip in Pula is extremely interesting for all our visitors, especially parents. A daily boat tour means that children and parents will enjoy swimming on the beautiful island of St. Jerolim, and in the evening, they will also enjoy it, but on the boat, while watching the sunset and the dolphins play. Anyway, parents will surely be happy on a boat trip around the Brijuni Islands with their children. Children also have a discount on the price. If the children are younger than six, there is no charge. They will be on board for free. If they are a little older, the price of the ticket will be half the price compared to the price paid by the parents. So, you know, you will have a perfect experience that will cost you almost nothing. The sun, the sea, the smell of grilled fish, the taste of wine… And much more awaits you on a boat trip in Pula! Visit us. Book your place on our beautiful boat now!

In case you need more activities to make your vacation more interesting, not just boat tours around the Brijuni Islands, you can decide to Rent a Boat, Kayak, or Dive. Find out what we have to offer and do not hesitate to contact us. Make your life more exciting at least during those days of vacation in Istria.

Evening tour


Like many times before, our joyful guests and friends enjoyed a wonderful evening boat tour around Brijuni Islands near Pula


Day Tour

The day tour starts at 12:00 and ends at 16:30. First, we make a circle around Brijuni Islands and then stop at St. Jerolim island for two hours of swimming. The price is 50 for a person. Parents don’t pay for children under 3 years of age! Our guests will have an extra payment, and for children, for entering National Park Brijuni (St. Jerolim Island). Pets are allowed on board!


Evening Tour

The evening tour starts at 18:00 and ends at 21:00. We make a circle around Brijuni Islands but on the Evening tour, we don’t stop at St. Jerolim island. So, there will be no swimming in the evening, but you’ll enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on the boat. The price is the same – 50 for an adult person. Parents don’t pay for children under 3 years of age! There will be no extra payment for the National Park. Pets are allowed on board!


We are located right across from the famous Shipyard Pub which gathers a large number of people in the evening, organizes concerts and parties, so it can be said that we are in the center of good entertainment.  Our boat is also a place of great fun, because in addition to the beauty that guests will see during the boat trip, they will also enjoy great music, food and drink, so we can freely call ourselves a floating restaurant or even a disco.  Our guests often stay with us even after a boat trip around the Brijuni Islands, especially in the evening when the atmosphere is specific, like at a party in a good nightclub.  The experiences of our guests are unforgettable, from which we receive recommendations, precisely because of the incredible fun they experienced with us.  Check it out. Evening boat trip Pula.

This is just a small part of what you will experience during the boat tour around the islands of Brijuni. The search for dolphins during sunset is a unique experience for each of our guests.

These are just some of the many photos from the boat trip during the day and evening, so here you can see the day and evening boat tours in Pula. What is characteristic of both Boat Tours is that it is always interesting for our guests. In these photos, you can see our excited guests expecting to see dolphins before sunset. In many cases, our guests saw dolphins on a boat tour that we organize during the evening. Dolphins can sometimes be seen during the day, but it is much more certain that you will see them in the evening. If you are more interested in a day boat tour, get ready to swim on the island of St. Jerolim. Bring snorkeling equipment and enjoy. Anyway, whichever boat tour you choose, it will be extremely interesting for you, and you won’t regret it if you opt for both excursions. The first, day boat tour, is more active than the evening one, but the evening is more romantic and relaxing, and it often turns into real fun on the boat. Don’t miss it. Boat tours Pula.


Guest Reviews

Both boat trips we organize, no matter which one you choose, are so interesting that our guests had only the best testimonies about it, so you can’t go wrong. A boat tour in Pula, Istria, is the most beautiful thing you can experience on a wonderful and relaxing holiday at the seaside. Our beautiful boat Burin is waiting for you to take a tour around the islands of Brijuni. Bring your children with you, and enjoy watching dolphins in the sunset.

It was just as we expected! Great! I recommend it to everyone! The best boat excursion in Pula!

Karl Schmidt

The sunset was so gorgeous, that I couldn’t believe my eyes! But dolphins… I was so lucky to see them playing!

Jacques Fournier

I had one of the best boat excursions in my life! The boat, the sea, the food, and drink… Unforgettable!

Bianca Colombo

It was so interesting, that I met new people and made friends on the excursion! Now we are going to hang out together!

Friedrich Müller

What you Get

Amenities, Services, & Travel Guide

Free For Kids under 6yo
Unlimited Drinks
Parking Close To The Starting Point
Friendly staff

Friendly, smiling, staff will always welcome you

Open Bar

Choose your drink, and drink as much as you can – no limit

Delicious Food

Super tasty fish, meat, or vegetarian food, are at your disposal


Our guide is a charming guy! He’ll show and explain everything using several languages!

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Take advantage to book your place on the boat, have a wonderful boat trip around Brijuni Islands, and never forget the experience!


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